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What They Say

I have been attending Nadia for 11 months weekly sessions now and she has been unbelievable. The way she is expertly able to heal the huge numbers of Trapped Emotions whether from myself or Inherited is just miraculous.

I would say that she is a very gifted healer and so much in tune with the whole ethos of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s and his Emotion Code. Besides healing me with this technique she has also helped and counseled me with respect to my very poor upbringing in regards to lack of affection and the anger that was residing inside me.

My life now feels different and better, people have started to treat me with more respect and kindness, all thanks to Nadia’s personal care and her dedication to the task of healing me. Thank you Nadia.


- Ian C. Glasgow

I’ve had a very difficult life. Some time ago, a friend told me about Nadia’s excellent results and I decided to give it a try. At the beginning, I started being more calm and less afraid of life. Then I felt less and less anxious, and more at peace with my hectic environment. Now I’m satisfied with my life, and content with what I’ve achieved. I’m a fulfilled, balanced and happy person.
When stressful events occur – and I sure have my load – I’m able to keep my cool and face them efficiently. Thanks to Nadia, her Emotion Code sessions and personal guidance, my life has radically changed. I just wish I had met her earlier!

- Sophie P. Paris

Thanks to Nadia’s Emotion Code + coaching sessions, in less than 6 months I regained my life and full potential, after having felt lost during so many years of repeated dead-ends.
Now I only see open roads ahead of me and I boldly go for them!
Thank you is too small a word to say to you Nadia.

- Anna-Maria K. Mykonos

Α few years ago, when I was 20, I was completely lost. I was far away from home, had just broke up from an unhealthy relationship. I was feeling very lonely, unworthy, with no confidence in myself. After more than a year feeling like an empty shell and having become bulimic, I called Nadia for help, although she was on the other side of the planet. She understands one’s feelings as if she had gone through the same ordeal too.
We had our Emotion Code + coaching sessions on Skype, and I could never have coped as quickly and easily without her.  Deleting Trapped Emotions was a very efficient way to clear old and recent traumas. Working with Nadia helps you deal with your issues in a very concrete and positive way. She helps you define your goals, your aspirations, and the obstacles to reach them.

- Hermine V. Buenos Aires

Why do I say thank you to Nadia every day?

3 years ago, I would never have dreamt of what I am living now. This accomplishment I owe it to Nadia. An accumulation of personal events almost destroyed the joyful and confident girl I was. I discovered then what real difficulty was, without knowing that I was actually living the biggest transition of my life. A sort of brutal awakening! Everybody should live such experiences with someone like Nadia on their side.
She helped me turn this ordeal into something positive. I ended up even more joyful and confident because I was more aware and in control of my life. Nadia taught me that I have the power to choose the life I want… and this is exactly what I’ve been doing since.
Every big decision I take, I think of Nadia, with this quote in my head “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

- Mathilde G. Hong Kong

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nadia for all your help with the Emotion Code.

After a few months of sessions with you, I really feel less anxious and worried about everything. In fact I discovered what it is not to stress permanently.
My relations with my loved ones have also evolved : I feel more in sync with my husband and my children, more patient and considerate than I ever was. 
Little by little I get rid of the ghosts of the past, I realize my worth and I learn to be kind and considerate with myself. And then something important happened : I was contacted by a family member with whom I was estranged due to a family conflict. This is incredible because it seemed impossible just a few months ago!

In short, I feel at peace and free from my past. I can at last look ahead and start serenely planning my future.

- Emmanuelle G. Poitiers

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