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Break Free Now

with Nadia Machaira

Energy Healer

Emotion/Body Code
Certified Practitioner


… your challenging problems were transformed into creative opportunities ?
… you eliminated imposed harmful beliefs to finally make your own decisions ?
… you improved your relationship with your family and friends ?

... you got rid of psychosomatic issues?
… you blasted away your money blocks for good?


Negative emotions from your past
remain trapped in your body and
prevent you from fully living your present!


How about removing them forever

and enabling you to thrive?

"Do you know the Emotion Code Tehnique ?

With this highly efficient and rapid healing method,
I help people get rid of harmful emotional energies from traumas. I set them free and then guide them to achieve their goals!

I  have created the Break-Free-Now website so you can learn about this technique and the work I do."


and cause numerous negative emotions such as abandonment, betrayal, failure, worry, sorrow, overwhelm...


All these traumas remain in our subconscious mind, - actually they are trapped in our body - and prevent us from fully living our present,

or seeing and planning our future!

Thankfully, there are techniques to help us overcome these "blocks".

So, let me introduce you now to the Emotion Code Technique!





Feeling an emotion has a direct impact on your physical body?

 Life can be a bumpy road !

Your body has printed toxic emotions
you have felt in the past
and your subconscious will continuously
remind you of the associated feelings.

But… here’s the good news !

I can help you get rid of
all these Trapped Emotions
rapidly and forever.


I will not ask you…

to talk endlessely about
your past…again

to take any
« miracle » pills


to expect something exterior to happen…one day…



I will rapidly find your 
Toxic Emotions

delete them
from your body forever

and  you will be empowered
to attain your goals !

Invest in YOURSELF, create your new life!

Apply for a free session
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